Brewing Northern Pride:

George and Dave opened a micro-pub in the small local town of Spennymoor just outside of Durham. After the success of this micro pub they had the concept of opening a small mining themed brewery to celebrate & encourage local pride. I was commissioned to create the concept from the ground up starting with the brand strategy all the way to the packing design.
Project Scope:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Athletic Wear Design
Signage & Wayfinding

Brand Values:

Tradition Community Heritage

Logo Mark:

Custom ampersand inspired by local folklore of a dragon that once ruled the area.


Crafting the copy for this Northern mining-themed brewery involved blending Northern English colloquialism, informal language, and vivid descriptions. Phrases like “shy bairns get nowt” bring regional charm to the text, making it friendly and relatable. The beer’s features, such as its “lush amber hue” and “magical aroma,” are described in a way that appeals to both seasoned and novice drinkers. The closing phrase, “beckons another sip,” adds a playful touch, encouraging readers to explore the unique qualities of the brew. Overall, the writing style combines regional authenticity with engaging language, making it memorable and appealing to a broad audience.


Selected Works:

Fixing an outdated & sabotaged brand identityBrand Strategy, Visual Identity & Creative Direction

Eros in MotionMotion Design & Creative Direction

ReGenerateEditorial Design, Typography & Creative Direction

Anza CoffeeIdentity Design