Fixing an outdated & sabotaged brand identity.

Outdated branding in need of a total refresh. The existing logo was not suitable for digital applications and featured a significant design flaw, Mandarin Chinese text was deliberately used by someone who was planning to leave the club and start their own (which is now closed) in the type for the logo rather than Korean, which caused irregularities in brand identity. A plethora of new martial art clubs were also opening in their region meaning acting on this ASAP was imperative for them. My mission was to strategise and design the release of a fresh and functional brand identity appealing to the business’s diverse audience with new and existing customers in mind.
Project Scope:

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Athletic Wear Design
Signage & Wayfinding

The Outcome:

I worked on the brand strategy alongside the client to truly define and understand what Chi Taekwondo is, what it would like to be and how we are going to get there. I then designed the brand’s visual identity systems from the ground up that is recognisable, functional and innovative.

The Impact:

Since the project roll-out, Chi Taekwondo has been attracting new members 80% more frequently than the previous year. Chi Taekwondo has also increased its brand awareness and the sports team now has a stylish uniform which promotes the taekwondo club when travelling to both national and international competitions.

Brand Positing Statement:

For those with a fighting spirit, Chi Taekwondo is the flagship taekwondo community in the North East that provides group classes and 1-1 lessons to hone your technical ability and character.

Brand Values:




Logo Mark:
Brand Applications:

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